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CASCWA Intercoms

Past Editions

The history of the CASCWA Organization dates back to the 1940’s!  Beginning in the 1980, CASCWA began communicating to members through the newsletter known as, “The Intercom.”

The first editor of the Intercom was Mr. Bill Booth.  Like so many of CASCWA's early giants, Bill was a kind, wonderful person!  Every edition is dedicated to Bill's memory and to all the contributions that he made to CASCWA!

Please take a walk through the history of CASCWA and the history of educational issues in California by visiting our collection of past editions of the Intercom.  We have divided our collections by decades.  This collection is a tribute to all of the great educators who have contributed to the "Children of California" and to our CASCWA organization.

2020's Past Editions  Click below:

2020 Int Jan.pdf2020 Int March.pdf2020 Int June.pdfCASCWA Intercom September 2020 Edition.pdfCASCWA Intercom December 2020 Edition.pdfCASCWA Intercom February 2021 Edition Final.pdfCASCWA September 2021 Intercom Edition (2).pdf CASCWA January 1st 2022 Intercom Edition.pdfCASCWA April 2022 Intercom Edition 2.pdfCASCWA October 2022 Intercom Edition.pdf;

CASCWA January 2023 Intercom Edition.pdfCASCWA September 2023 Intercom Edition.pdf;  CASCWA January 2024 Intercom Edition.pdf

2010's Past Editions Click below: 

2010 Int March.pdf2011 Int May.pdf2012 Int Jan.pdf2012 Int Nov.pdf2013 Int Jan.pdf2013 Int March.pdf2013 Int May Conf.pdf2013 Int Sept.pdf2014 Int Jan.pdf2014 Int June.pdf2014 Int Sept.pdf2014 Int Dec.pdf2015 Int Feb.pdf2015 Int St Conf 1.pdf2015 Int St Conf 2.pdf2015 Int St Conf 3.pdf2015 Int Aug.pdf2015 Int Nov.pdf2016 Int Jan.pdf2016 Int March.pdf2016 Int St Conf Wednesday.pdf2016 Int St Conf Thursday.pdf2016 Int St Conf Thursday 2.pdf2016 Int St Conf Friday.pdf2016 Int St Conf Awards-and-Recognitions.pdf2016 Int St Conf Vendors-and-Int taff.pdf2017 Int Jan.pdf2017 Int March.pdf2017 Int Nov.pdf2018 Int Feb.pdf2018 Int June.pdf2018 Int Sept.pdf2019 Int Jan.pdf2019 Int March.pdf2019 Int Sept.pdf;

2000's Past Editions  Click below:

2000 Int Feb.PDF2000 Con February.PDF2000 Int Sept.PDF2001 Int Feb.PDF2001 Int Oct.PDF2001 Con Dec.PDF2002 Int Feb.PDF2002 Con March.PDF2002 Int April.PDF2003 Int Jan.PDF2003 Int Oct.PDF2003 Int Oct Conf Ed.PDF2003 Int Oct Conf Insert.PDF2004 Con Jan.PDF2004 Int March.PDF2004 Con Oct.PDF2004 Int Oct.PDF2005 Int Jan.PDF2005 Con March.pdf2005 Int June.PDF2005 Int Nov.PDF2006 Int July Conf 1.pdf2006 Int July Conf 2.pdf2006 Int Nov.pdf2007 Int March.pdf2007 Int Conf Edition.pdf2007 Int Aug Conf Ed 3.pdf2007 Int Aug.pdf2007 Int Nov.pdf2008_Intercom_-_December.pdf2009 Int March.pdf2009 Int St Conf.pdf2009 Inter June.pdf2009 Int Sept.pdf;

1990's Past Editions Click below:

1990 Int Jan.PDF1990 Int April.PDF1990 Int Oct.PDF1991 Int January.PDF1991 Int Sept.PDF1992 Int Jan.PDF1992 Int April.PDF1992 Int Sept.PDF1993 Int Feb.PDF1993 Int April.PDF1993 Int Sept.PDF1994 Int Jan.PDF1994 Int April.PDF1994 Int Sept.PDF1995 Int Jan.PDF1995 Int March.PDF1995 Int Sept.PDF1996 Int Jan.PDF1996 Int April.PDF1996 Int Sept.PDF1996 Con Fall.PDF1997 Int Jan.PDF1997 Int April.PDF1997 Int Sept.PDF1997 Con Fall.PDF1997 Con Fall.PDF1998 Int Jan.PDF1998 Int April.PDF1999 Int March.PDF1999 Con Spring.PDF1999 Int Sept.PDF;

1980's Past Editions Click below:


1983 Int Jan.PDF1984 Int Jan.PDF1984 Int April.PDF1984 Int Sept.PDF1984 Int Dec.PDF1985 Int April.PDF1985 Int Oct.PDF1986 Int Feb.PDF1986 Int April.PDF1986 Int Sept.PDF1987 Int Jan.PDF1987 Int June.PDF1987 Int Sept.PDF1988 Int Jan.PDF1988 Int April.PDF1988 Int Oct.PDF1989 Int Jan.PDF1989 Int Oct.PDF1989 Int Dec.PDF

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