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CASCWA CALIFORNIA Legislation Information

CASCWA is constantly paying attention to the actions of California's State Legislators.  Legislation is a process.  It takes time.  There are many hearings and revisions that take place prior to the governor signing a bill into law. 

The annual  legislative process is as follows:

1.  Bills are introduced in February

2.  Bills must pass out of their respective senate or assembly by the end of May.

3.  Bills must pass out of both the senate and assembly by the end of August

4.  The governor must accept or veto the legislation by the beginning of October

Keeping informed of a bills's status is important to all of us in the fields of child welfare and attendance.  The goal of this web page is to bring attentions to the status of key bills that are pending, to link our members and friends to the actual bills being discussed and recognize when pertinent bills become law.  CASCWA is fortunate to have three legislative representatives, Allen Dosty, Sherman Garnett and Dan Martin.

Sherman Garnett

Sherman Garnett has been a public school educator for forty five years. During this period of time, Sherman has served in various roles ranging from teacher, athletic head coach, dean, assistant principal, principal, child welfare and attendance administrator and governing board member. Currently, Sherman is an adjunct professor of school administration specializing in school law at Cal State San Bernardino and Pupil Services Academy director for the Association of California School Administrators( ACSA). Sherman has served CASCWA for over twenty years which includes serving as section and state president. 


California Association of Supervisors of Child Welfare and Attendance LACOE Legislative Update

CASCWA 2023-24 Legislative Update Sherman Garnett is our CASCWA designated legislative Chairman. He does a great job of representing CASCWA in Sacramento and in providing regular updates to our members and friends. We also have the privilege of attending the annual legislative up date provided by the Los Angeles County Office of Education’s Student Support Division. In December, the members of Student Support Division gather at LACOE and speak on important legislation that impact everyone in the fields of student services. They did a great job of presenting this past December and have provided us with a copy of their power point. We have placed the power point on our website at In this edition, you will find a link to the actual legislation that has now become a bill. Annually, one of the highlights to LACOE’s presentation is Dr.. Pamela Gibbs, J.D. Pamela is LACOE’s Executive Director Governmental Relations. She has great insight into current legislative activity and committee actions. She has several slides in the power point. LACOE has several publications available on their website that are valuable to all in student services. Finally, a special “Thank You” to Dr. Sonja Smith and her staff for a job well done!



The link below will take you to "California's Legislative Information Homepage."  If you know the bill number or author's name yo will be able to access the bill, the current status and the history of the bill - Click below:


Click below for the link to the publication:

2023 California Laws Relating to Minors

For more information, please contact:


Maria Hwang de Bravo

Student Support Services Solutions, Inc.

(310) 753-2380

Sherman Garnett & Associates

Sherman Garnett and Associates is a state and nationally recognized trainer in the field of pupil services and has served/currently serves on numerous state and national committees.

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