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Our CASCWA Organization annually recognizes key individuals for their outstanding service provided to our CASCWA organization.  The Bay, Delta Sierra, San Joaquin sections each select one person for their prestigious awards.  In addition, the State CASCWA Executive Board selects one individual to receive the state's highest award, the "Lee Lundberg Award."

Lee Lundberg

Lee Lundberg was CASCWA's State President 1977- 1978.  He had a long spanning career with CASCWA. His foresight and leadership in working with the California Legislature and keeping CASCWA in the loop on all legislation matters was legendary. Lee Lundberg set the stage for one of CASCWA’s basic goals as an organization to have a focus on legislation. Many of the subsequent giants of CASCWA were all mentored or influenced by the work of Lee Lundberg.

2020 CASCWA State Lee Lundberg Award


Annually, CASCWA recognizes one person to be the recipient of the distinguished “Lee Lundberg CASCWA Service Award.” The 2020 “Lee Lundberg Award” was presented to Brian Chandler. 

The history of CASCWA is indebted to the San Joaquin Section for the outstanding leadership that has been provided for decades. 

At the top of the list, will forever be the name of Brian Chandler.  We congratulate Brian and thank him for all that he has done for CASCWA!

Brian joined CASCWA years ago and worked his way up the ranks of the San Joaquin Section's Executive Board.  He became their section president and eventually rotated into the state presidency.  During his term as president, he faced challenges that no other president has had to face.  

He is an incredible soft spoken leader and his meetings always got results.  Brian served the CERE's Unified School District as their number one police officer.  Early in 2020, he full field his dream an became an active member of the City of Cere's Police Department.

Thank you Brian for your great leadership and service to CASCWA!



Bay Section Award

The 2020 Bay Section Recipient is

Janet McMurray

West Contra Costa Unified

School District, Retired


Delta Sierra Section Award

The 2020 Delta Sierra Section Recipient is

Joan Jeffery

Shasta County Office of Education


San Joaquin
Section Award

The 2020 San Joaquin Section Recipient is

Robin Gainey

Mojave Unified School District


Section Award

The 2020 Southern Section Recipient is

Sandra Amatraian

Yurupa Unified School District, Retired

CASCWA State President Evelyn Ocasio 2019-20 

CASCWA is greatly indebted to Evelyn Ocasio for her exceptional leadership during her term as president.

Evelyn worked her way up through the ranks of the Bay section.  She served as the Bay Section president and then rotated through the state executive board to her 2019-20 presidency.

Everything was going smooth and we were looking for a great 2020 CASCWA state conference in San Diego.  Then the roof fell down.

Evelyn faced the challenges of being our state president in the time of the coronavirus pandemic.  She took on the challenge of statewide school closures, shutting down a state conference, conducting meetings during no travel period and facing the challenges of ending a school year without students in schools.

She did it all and she facilitated a smooth transition to our new 2020-21 president.  We thank you Evelyn for your leadership during these difficult times!



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