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Truancy and chronic absenteeism are complex issues that have a wide-reaching impact on students, their families, and communities as a whole.  The topics listed below describe the role of State SARB in supporting LEAs,  as well as how Supervisors of Attendance and other school personnel can utilize multi-tiered approaches and coordinated community services to meet the needs of students with persistent school attendance problems.  In addition, information regarding the Model SARB Recognition Program and contact information for Model SARB winners are designed to assist other LEAs in becoming future Model SARBs.  Resources are also provided for LEAs to enhance their attendance intervention practices.

The following four pages on our website focuses on four main areas of school attendance issues for child welfare and attendance.  They include State SARB, Model SARB Recognition Programs, Supervisors of Attendance and Resources/Hot Topics.  Click on the box below to go to that specific page.  Finally, the most significant document for CWA offices is the "California State School Attendance Review Board (SARB) Haandbook."            The link is below: 


Click below for the link to the publication:

2023 California Laws Relating to Minors

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Maria Hwang de Bravo

Student Support Services Solutions, Inc.

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Sherman Garnett & Associates

Sherman Garnett and Associates is a state and nationally recognized trainer in the field of pupil services and has served/currently serves on numerous state and national committees.

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