Dear CASCWA Members and Friends,

Welcome to 2022! And what a year it’s been since September. For those of us who are in the trenches promoting attendance, these have been such challenging times. But, despite it all, there is so much to be grateful for. We’ve reopened schools, we’ve managed the pandemic, and we’ve pivoted to care for our students and families during these uncertain times. Like you, I’m hopeful that 2022 brings us all good things.

On to some business. For those of you who attended the 11th Annual Workshop sponsored by the CASCWA San Joaquin Section and Stanislaus County Office of Education back in September, thanks for joining us at our first in-person event during the pandemic. I heard from many of you how wonderful it felt to be among our community of colleagues again. It was a great opportunity to share common struggles and to learn from one another face-to-face about solutions that are working in our communities. I always learn a lot from you and bring good ideas back to my district.

We’re also in the early stages of planning another roundtable training for our San Joaquin members. If you have topics of interest, please email me and we can make sure that our next training event addresses your priorities. Don’t forget to mark your calendars! The CASCWA State Conference that will be held May 11-13, 2022, at the Palisades Hotel in the Lake Tahoe area. It’s being sponsored by the Delta Sierra Section and I look forward to seeing you there  - in person!

It's not too early for our members to start planning for the 2022 “Anthony Brucia Success Awards.” This is our Section’s heart and soul, a monetary award we give to several students each year who demonstrate resilience despite personal adversity and have a planned path for post-secondary education, training, or work. The applications are posted on our website and are due by April 8, 2022. Please spread the word to educators in your districts to nominate students. Announcing the winners is one of my favorite duties as the San Joaquin Section president.

Last but not least, it's my honor to announce that our CASCWA San Joaquin Section Vice President, Maisie Young, from Central Unified School District, received an outstanding service award. Maisie has made a heartfelt commitment and has an unwavering passion when it comes to supporting all students and staff.  Congratulations from all of us!

Enjoy the holidays, take care of yourselves and those you love.

Wishing you the best,

Praxades Torres III

11th Annual SCOE CASCWA Workshop - "Building A Community of Learning Forward"


2021 Annual SARB CASCWA San Joaquin Workshop

Stanislaus County Office of Education and San Joaquin CASCWA hosted their Annual 2 day workshop in Modesto.  This was the very first in-person training offered during the pandemic and what a great feeling it was to see everyone.   President of CASCWA San Joaquin Praxades Torres welcomed everyone. Stanislaus County SARB provides services to curb chronic absenteeism in local school districts through a multi-agency approach.  The following leaders were present to address the attendees at the opening of the event: Superintendent of Schools Scott Kuykendall, Sheriff Jeff Dirkse, District Attorney Birgit Fladager, and Judge Ruben Villalobos.  CASCWA team put together a great program agenda including topics to provide attendees with a Completion of Certificate in Attendance Supervision Ed Code 48240.

The following topics were presented:

  • 1.       Self Care as a Revoluntionary Act: Creation of the best Version of Yourself – Mindfulness session with Stanislaus County Office of Ed After School Program Coordinator Danielle Jones
  • 2.       Trauma and re-engagement of students on campus: Suggested Strategies for returning to school on campus for both student and teacher by CSUS Lecturer Master Lead of Social Work Program and Peer Project Coordinator Jennifer Johnson
  • 3.       To Face Mask or Not to Face Mask: Re-engagment through transition, Stanislaus County Office of Education Homeless Education Services Coordinator Fred Berry
  • 4.       Creating a Culture of Achievement: Starting with Creating a Culture of Showing Up: Student Innovations Achievement by Jessica Rogers and Firebaugh School District – Terry Anderson
  • 5.       All Hands on Deck:  Attendance: To Explore How Attendance Teams can greatly reduce Chronic Absenteeism by Riverside County Office of Education, Director of Chronic Absenteeism Reduction, Pupil and Administrative Services – Amir Alavi M. A. J. D.
  • 6.       Entering and Exiting Students at the School Site: Attendance Taking Procedures/Independent Study during the pandemic! Sherman Garnett/Sherman Garnett and Associates

The 2 day event was an overall success with many takeaways for those who were new to addressing student attendance at their school sites.  

We thank the Stanislaus County Prevention Program Staff and the CASCWA San Joaquin team for collaborating to provide the best training during this challenging times when students need us the most.


On behalf of the staff of the Intercom and all the webmasters, we wish to the leadership of the San Joaquin Section for starting off the 2021-22 school year with this excellent and important workshop!  The topics were relevant and the presenters were excellent.

On a personal note, we wish to thank Praxades Torres and the entire San Joaquin Section for their commitment to our CASCWA members and friends.

Their workshops and other activities are relevant to today's challenges in the world of child protective services!  

Keep up the great work!


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