Executive Board Transition

CASCWA's 2022-23 State President has called for their first CASCWA State meeting to take place on June 21, 2022.  This is the beginning of the transition of officers on the State Executive board and at each section's executive board.  This process will be on-going and hopefully the majority of the changes will take place by the start of the 2022-23 school year.  The information below reflects the 2021-22 officers.

We plan on updating the state and each section's information once we receive the changes to be made. 


Dear CASCWA Members and Friends,

As we welcome Spring and continue to keep up with the demand for support services, Bay Section welcomed over seventy-five participants to the Bay Section Virtual Workshop that took place on Friday, March 11, 2022. Our goal was to engage diverse communities by providing information and resources of the most pressing current issues. The presenters were Sarah Voit - Program Director, Jeanette Mills - Housing Resource Specialist and Almira Robleza - Senior Housing Resource Specialist who collaboratively are responsible for program evaluations and overseeing the delivery of direct services for FESCO’s housing, and Eden I&R Inc. Affordable Housing and supportive services programs. They manage several permanent supportive housing sites for homeless and formerly homeless individuals and families through Abode Services, in addition to designing and coordinating comprehensive children's programming for children residing at Abode's emergency shelter and supportive housing sites. Jeanette and Almira went over affordable housing and shared resources they had available, their Choices website, and the housing subscription and links. 

We also welcomed Juliana Morgan - Sr. Staff Attorney, Isaac Flegel - Fellow Attorney, and Cristina Leal - Senior Paralegal all from Centro Legal de la Raza in Oakland, CA. They have tirelessly collaborated with the Hayward Unified School District Newcomer Services Coordinator, Carolina Fortin which are all members of the Immigrants' Rights team, where they focus on defending youth and families in deportation proceedings. They work with Newcomer Families who have arrived in the country within the last 3-5 years. They provide legal consultations that set realistic expectations by providing hope for our families. We will share all presentations and resources with our members and friends through the CASCWA link https://cascwa.wildapricot.org/

Bay Section also shared the yearly 2021-22 scholarship information encouraging our participants to share the applications with Seniors from the different High Schools in the Bay Section area. Applications have been available since early March 2022. Access will be provided until the end of April 2022. We will review all registrations and documents during the month of May. The 2021-22 Scholarship winners will be announced through the CASCWA Bay Section website in June 2022. https://cascwa.wildapricot.org/Bay-Section

Bay Section will continue to provide information, support and build partnerships with valuable service providers that can offer a better lifestyle and opportunities to our community and families.

Evelyn Ocasio

Bay Section President



 This was a "Free Virtual Event" via ZOOM held on March 11, 2022

There has never been a time in our society when our school systems have been so important to our communities.  Whether we want it or not, all the issues in society eventually find away into our schools.  Our CASCWA’s Bay Section delivered a truly enlightening workshop on March 11th that provided specific factual information on homelessness and immigrant families.  The more we know, the better we can do our jobs!  “Thank you” to Evelyn Ocasio and to all the members of our Bay Section Executive Board for making this workshop a reality.

Below you will find the flyer for the workshop with the names of the presenters and a description of their presentations. You will also find the two power point presentations. The Bay Section is currently working on placing a video of the workshop on our website.  If we can do so, we will send out an update!

CASCWA Bay Section Workshop Flyer 3-11-22.pdf