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San Joaquin's "Anthony Brucia" Awards Foundation

CASCWA's San Joaquin Section has a goal of annually providing cash awards and scholarships to  the Foundation fot deserving students, who have overcome adversity and are proceeding with their future educational and/or life goals.  Each of the scholarships are presented in the memory of Anthony Brucia--a young man who turned-it-around! 

Do  you know a student who is deserving of this award?


Official Announcement (click)


Detailed Student Applicant Letter 2024 (PDF) 

Detailed Scholarship Counselor Letter 2024 (PDF)

CASCWA San Joaquin Member Letter  2024  (PDF)




"LIFE" QUOTES by Frank Allocco Sr.






Our Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) Public Non-Profit Foundation

Financial awards and scholarships for those students who have "turned it around."

Specific Foundation Information may be found below.


Official Success Award "Announcement"

Wanted-- a Winner!

A high School Senior who has turned-it-around!   $1,000 cash awarded to this student and others!

  1. Our winners are almost always.......
  2. *A student who is expected to graduate at the end of this school year.
  3. *A student who has overcome  significant challenges and/or obstacles. 
  4. *A student who has made an impressive "turn around" for success while in high school.
  5. *A student who has shown personal and academic improvement by the senior year.
  6.   *A student who is identified and/or recommended to apply by a staff member, mentor or friend.
  7. * A student who has recommendations that describe the applicant's growth.
  8. *A student who was uncertain of applying for any scholarship.  
  9. *A student who does not have a four year "A" average.

Eligible Schools:  All high schools in the counties of: Fresno, Inyo, Kern, Kings, Madera, Mariposa, Merced, Mono, Monterey, San Benito, San Joaquin, San Luis Obispo, Stanislaus, Tulare and Tuolumne.  Includes alternative, charter, special and private schools.

You can also find us listed on "Going Merry"

Applicants must submit the following, postmarked no later than:  March 29, 2024 

1.  A current Anthony Brucia Success Award Application.
2.  A personal letter/statement that may include obstacles prior to the turn around, the progress made despite any adversity, and the applicant's  future goals and plans.
3.  Two letters of recommendation from someone who is aware of the turn around.
4.  Activities record and employment history.

Check out the  "Top 20 Strategies for Success" and "Leadership Power Pages" at the bottom of this WEB page for great vocabulary words for your personal statement or personal  improvement.

We are proud to be associated with "SafeLaunch."  This is a foundation whose mission is to prevent adolescent exposure to alcohol and other drugs known to cause substance abuse disorder and addiction. SafeLaunch has joined us in our mission to reward deserving students by reviewing Success Award applications for students who may meet the criteria for their one-time $1,000 scholarships.    Their winners are 1) those students who have successfully turned it around from previous exposure to alcohol or drugs, and/or 2) those students who may have worked hard to prevent others from being addicted to alcohol or drugs. For more information, click on the "Safe Launch" logo, or go to

Anthony Brucia Success Awards background.....

Since the creation of the Anthony Brucia Awards, over $250,000 has been provided to students graduating from Central California high schools.  The students are special as they have made great strides to turn their lives around before their senior year in school.  Many  from abusive family situations.   Most have gone on to college with some entering a vocational school or the military.  Recent winners who have been successful in college have also been awarded Anthony Brucia scholarships as they continue their education.

The application process begins in the early spring of each year when announcements and application deadlines are sent out to high school scholarship counselors.  These schools include comprehensive, continuation, community, independent and charter schools within the area of Central California. 

 Most of our winners have two things in common;  1) someone who reviews and makes suggestions on their draft application essay.  Usually it is a teacher or counselor, and 2)  a recommmendation from a mentor or friend with knowledge of the "turn around."  There are a minimum of five new $1,000 winners each year, and each winner can return for the next three years to receive and additional $1000 per year.   An additional  number of unique "donor supported" awards are also provided each year.

Special thanks to the San Joaquin section of CASCWA who do all the fund raising through their  many workshops and donor requests.  100% of all donations are distributed to our winners.  Each donor receives a nice thank-you receipt with the Foundations tax free federal identification number.

Proudly sponsored by the San Joaquin Section of...............

Recent winners.....>

Each year we provide between 9-16 Success Awards.  The number varies depending on private donations, our non-profit partners and the number of past award winners who attend and continue their education. 

2023 winners are:  Sangers'  Nevaeh Love Maldonado Curiel of Kings River HS,  Gracie Mae A. Villanueva of Kings River HS,  and Antonio Ruiz-Lazcano of Orestimba HS in Newman, CA.  The continuing education winners  are  many.

2022 winners are:  Anthony Castillo of Kerman HS, Kayei Mason of Beyer HS in Modesto, Micaela Villa Sanchez of Clovis West HS, Cole Costa of Tulare Western HS and Zie Davis Jessee of Bakersfied North HS.  Our SafeLaunch  partners awarded Michaela Garcia of Monterey HS and Yael Sanchez of Liberty HS in Paso Robles.  A multitude of continuing education winners continued to get scholarships.

2021 winners are:  Danitza Fe Valazquez of Parlier HS, Serena Beisel of Clovis North HS, Joshua Peterson of Kingsburg HS and Wendy Xiong of Redwood HS.  As in the past, there were many continuing education winners.

2020 winners are:  Araya Bencoma of Big Pines HS,  Abigail Halsey of Lemoore Middle College, Jose Romaldo of Parier HS, Madeline May of Mesquite HS and Kyleigh Austin of Templeton HS.  Continuing education winners are Delores Castillo, Corryn Brechmann, Kaya Gomez and Makayla Anderson.  As usual, there were many continuing 

Our sixteen 2019 winners included:  Crystal, Kalyssa, Makayla, Joyce, Angelica, Jazlynn, Nicholas, Sarah, Rubi, Delores, Corryn, Samantha, Kayla, Eva, Patricia and Victoria. 

2023 winners

Anthony Brucia Success Awards

How it Started

Who was Anthony Brucia?

Anthony attended schools in Merced, California.  At home, his education was supplemented with “high interest books” and traveling throughout the western United States.  He often proudly wore a “Brucia Bomber” T-shirt. He could build a small replica “Jim Bridger Fort” but would complete it by burning down because “that’s what the Indians did to it.”

In high school he was the type of student who would achieve “A’s” in every shop class while “passing with D’s” in English, math or science.  If a course was interesting, motivating, or utilized “projects” he did well.  If it bored him, he did just enough to pass.  Many times, he would do his homework yet fail to turn it in.  Needless to say, his summers were spent making up failed classes.   His passions were working part-time after school and playing city-team soccer.   There were also instances when he and his friends participated in some “mischievous mischief activities” with subsequent law enforcement consequences.  

In the 1990’s, the San Joaquin Section scholarship program was launched under the leadership of past CASCWA President, Joe Brucia.   His 19 year old son, Anthony had just passed away.  There were many community donations given toward a fund in his name.   Knowing that most donated funds soon run out, Joe and his wife, Shirley, offered to transfer the funds to CASCWA (California Association of Supervisors of Child Welfare & Attendance).  To accept the donation, CASCWA had to match and perpetuate the fund.  CASCWA accepted and soon made the award an annual event that now reaches students graduating from Central California high schools and even those continuing on to college.  In 2018 the program became a tax deductible federal and state foundation.

A Turn Around

Anthony’s success came after graduation.  After not doing well in community college and hanging with the wrong kids he needed a fresh start.  Always a follower, he also needed new friends.   He enjoyed the mountains and, with the support of his family, was able to win a job in Yosemite National Park.  It was a great place to work as he also received room and board.  The opportunity to meet young workers from all over the United States was another plus.  He also would carry a small piece paper in his wallet that listed those qualities that would be his “Road to Success.”

Soon Anthony was feeling successful.  During his off time, he was mountain biking, hiking and exploring the secret spots of the Yosemite area.  Living within 80 miles of home, he would also routinely return in his 1977 VW Bus with a smile, a bag of dirty clothes and small gifts for his two sisters.  His self-esteem was high and it was obvious that he was successful in both work and life.  

With his new buddies, there were plans for trips far off.  Two weeks shy of his 20th birthday, he and two other friends scrambled up Yosemite’s Ranger Rock. It was just east of El Capitan and west of Three Brothers.  Up about 200 feet they sat on rocks and viewed Yosemite Valley and its snow-capped peaks.  When it was time for dinner they headed back down.  Anthony found a different path and with one step the granite mountain pulled away taking Anthony with it.

Remembering Anthony’s drive for success, it seemed only appropriate to assist so many other young adults starting their life journey.  The Anthony Brucia Success Awards were then set in motion.

Joe & Shirley Brucia

Life Quotes by  Frank Allocco Sr.,  CASCWA's 2023 State Conference Exceptional Keynote Speaker ..... and a great high school coach, a winner in life & a caring "motivator"............

"Maturity is ignoring distractions, keeping total focus and concentration on the task at hand." 

Our response to challenges, disappointments, and frustrations hardens our core, strengthens our soul and prepares us for the next challenge!" 

"Your Mind is your universe, Master It!

"Don't kill time, use time 

"A person who possesses a strong character realizes that his/her destiny is ultimately his/her own."

"Make a choice today, have an uncommon, extraordinary day."

"Life is competition-- hard work, commitment, effort will win."

“When doing repetitive tasks, make it a habit, not to go fast…… go perfect.” 

"Maturity is understanding the significance of the passing of time."  

"The beauty and challenge of life is that it is ever-changing and requires work and effort to keep up with new techniques and methods to improve."

"Work on it, don't wait on it." 

"The little things that appear to mean nothing, mean everything." 

 "The success of any endeavor will be determined by the spirit in which it was entered." 

Frank's Ara Parseghian's quote:  "Adversity has the effect of eliciting talents, which under prosperous conditions might have remained dormant." 


FREE HANDOUTS:  Download by clicking Anthony's "ROAD TO SUCCESS"(3x5), "BEING THE BEST"(4x6).  Great for students to keep a copy in their wallet or purse.   "Success is our Standard"  was designed for professionals working in Child Welfare & Attendance.   LEADERSHIP POWER PAGES (91 pages)  can be downloaded for great  pages that will lead to success!   It is used by many students taking college leadership type classes  (great for test answers) as well as those looking to be promoted.   No matter if you are a student, a new employee, an experienced staff member....... or just in the need of a turn around, the tips in these publications will enhance your growth and be a guide for your success.     Remember, download with a click on the document

Click card to download


Click card to download


Click card to Download

Click to download 91 pages


Make a check out to "Anthony Brucia Success Awards" and send to: Anthony Brucia Success Awards Foundation c/o CASCWA, 1959 El Portal Dr. Merced CA  95340. A tax deductible thank-you letter will be returned. Major donations can be given to winners in your or your company's name.  Our federal employer ID # is 82-5270956


We receive many inquires each year regarding special donations.  These are donations that a family or company wish to award in the name of their family, or perhaps a child or spouse who has passed away.  Some are in the name of the donating company. We endorse and joyfully provide these awards, choosing winners from our large applicant base.  Recipients are either a high school senior or a higher education student who has overcome adversity to achieve success. The donor does not have to advertise, read applications, select winners or prepare the award certificate.  This is all done by the foundation.   Our contributors are always invited to the annual awards ceremony.  You may email Joe Brucia ( or contact any Board member for additional information.



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Sherman Garnett & Associates

Sherman Garnett and Associates is a state and nationally recognized trainer in the field of pupil services and has served/currently serves on numerous state and national committees.

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