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CASCWA State President

Kevin Torosian

Central School District (Retired)


Happy New Year!!  I guess that is still appropriate as I am told this message will appear in the January 2023 edition of the Intercom (as soon as we received it, we posted on the website!  Hope all the educators and support staff had a restful, rejuvenating break that allowed them time to relax and reflect on some of the many blessings that we each have in our lives. 

As I have said in previous articles, working in the Department of Child Welfare and Attendance is always interesting, often frustrating, and most of all incredibly rewarding.   Sadly, I have always felt as though it is also often the most underappreciated.  As I go around the state doing presentations and training, I meet a lot of dedicated administrators, directors and supervisors of Child Welfare and Attendance.  I rarely if ever meet an Assistant Superintendent of Child Welfare and Attendance.  Why, I ask you, is the person who oversees the department that is often in charge of attendance, SARB, discipline, transfers, foster and homeless youth, student records, perhaps safety and emergency planning, communicating and ensuring compliance with changes in the Ed. Code and so much more depending on the size of the district, and that probably has more direct contact with parents and students than any other district level office or administrator so consistently undervalued?  As I would often remind my Assistant Superintendent friend in Instruction and Curriculum, if our kids aren’t in school every day, on time, behaving themselves, and with the necessary supports in place so that they are ready and able to learn, what you do doesn’t matter.  I have heard lots of speeches from district leaders about the importance and renewed attention to student social/emotional wellbeing, behavior, restorative practices, attendance, campus safety, subgroup disparities, etc., yet the position that is often charged with overseeing the address of these issues on a district wide basis is often not given a title reflective of the breadth, responsibility, and enormous impact this department can have on children, families, school culture and climate.

Now, please understand that I in no way mean the above commentary to disparage or discount the importance of any of my colleagues who hold Assistant Superintendent positions in Human Resources, Business, or Instruction and Curriculum, etc.  And being recently retired, you cannot accuse my motivation of being self-serving. But hey, given the opportunity to share my thoughts, where this matter is concerned, I feel compelled to do so.  It really is time for those that dedicate their lives to Child Welfare and Attendance to get their just do.

This year's CASCWA State Conference is one don’t want to miss.  I encourage all of you to complete your registration as soon as possible.  The date for the next CASCWA State Conference is May 10-12, 2023.  It will be held in Fresno CA and put on by the San Joaquin Section.  The last time we were in Fresno, there were close to 700 attendees, so you want to make your reservations ASAP.  You can find state conference information on our website and in the January edition of the Intercom.

Before closing, I would like to mention how deeply saddened I was this past month to learn of the passing of Greg Bass.  I know there are articles planned for the Intercom that will fill you in on Greg’s career but let me comment for a moment on Greg, the person.  Greg was one of the first people I can remember when I first joined CASCWA, for regardless of the event, he always seemed to be front and center.  He was someone who lit up a room when he entered it, full of energy and joviality.  I can still picture him serving beverages from the bathtub in his room during state conference receptions and working the room to sell raffle tickets and raise additional monies at CASCWA events. As the years went by, it was common for Greg to refer to many of us as his “brother from another mother”, and for many of us the feeling was mutual.  Brother, God bless you and your family…….you will be missed.

So, in closing, I wish all of you a safe, productive and healthy school year.  And remember:  if some situation pops up that you maybe haven’t encountered before and you don’t know what to do, a fellow CASCWA member is just a click or phone call away.

Dr. Kevin Torosian

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Kevin Torosian


Central USD (Retired)

Melissa Parrett

Past State President

Nevada County SOS

Celeste Pracale

President Elect 

Hayward USD

Celeste Pracale

President Elect 

Hayward USD

Rick Riegel

Vice President

Placentia Yorba Linda USD 

Michelle Walsh


Irvine USD

Robin Gainey


Mojave USD

Lisa Sanchez

Membership Chair

Woodland Joint USD 

Jenifer Gomeztrejo

State SARB Rep.

Student Support Services Solutions 

Celeste Pracale

Bay Section President 

Hayward USD

David Kopperud

Delta Section President

CDE - Retired

Sharma Uma

San Joaquin President

Stanislaus COE 

Vicente Bravo

Southern Section President

Da Vinci Schools (Wiseburn USD) 

Sherman Garnett

Legislation Committee

San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools, Retired

Dan Sackheim

Board Advisor

California Department of Education Programs Consultant

Dennis Wiechmann


Sanger USD

Andrew Kevy


Hayward USD 

Jenifer Mendel


Grossmont USD, Retired

Jennifer Kottke

Co-Intercom Editor

Los Angeles COE

Frank Boehler

Co-Intercom Editor, Webmaster

Orange USD, Retired

Minutes of Meetings

Traditionally, the CASCWA Executive Board holds meeting approximately five to six times a year.  There is constant communication throughout the year and occasionally there are meetings for special reasons.  These past few years have faced challenges due to the pandemic and several of our meetings have been conducted through zoom.  Our CASCWA  Executive Board continues to be strong and productive. 

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