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The 2021 CASCWA State Conference was "Awesome!"

Congratulations to the entire "Southern Section Executive Board" for a job well done!  This year's state conference faced challenges that no previous conference had ever faced.  Rick Riegle and his entire team took on the challenges and exceeded expectations.  Rick had a vision of using "Zoom" and "Sched" and combining with excellent, relevant presentations into a winning combination.

We are currently in the process of adding conference information onto our website.  This will take some time over the next several weeks.  Once completed there will specific information on our "State Conference Page", "Attendance Model SARB Page" and our Sponsor Page.

Details are in the process of being finalized for the 2022 CASCWA State Conference"  Incoming State President, Melissa Parrett, and the entire Delta Sierra Executive Board are already busy at work.  They are targeting the event to be early in May of 2022 and will soon be putting out a "Save the Date" with the specific information.    Please click here to go to our conference page:


During the months of June and July there is an ongoing rotation of executive board officers throughout our CASCWA State and Section Leadership. It will take a few months to post all of the changes on our website.

Jeni Mendel (on the left) has done an amazing job as our 2020-21 CASCWA State President.  Her term of office is filled with accomplishment and good decisions.  There were several areas that needed to be addressed and she took charge and turned them into strengths!  She has been amazing.

Melissa Parrett (on the right) is our new 2021-22 CASCSA State President.  She is off to a strong start and everyone on the State Executive Board is looking forward to working with Melissa!  Melissa has been the Delta Sierra President.  She became an important part of  Southern Section's conference planning committee.  She is already working on plans for our summer planning session! 

CASCWA takes great pride in our news letter "The Intercom." Click below for our latest edition!CASCWA Intercom February 2021 Edition Final.pdf

CASCWA wishes to thank our 2021 CASCWA Conference Sponsors! Please take the time to review all of our sponsors offerings!  Please go to our conference page for more information.

Student Scholarships 2021!

CASCWA sections are in the process updating  their 2021 scholarship selection information.

We usuallu have end of the year luncheons in honor of the recipients.  This information will be in the next intercom!



Each year there are five awards presented by CASCWA. The "Lee Lundberg" award is presented by the state executive board to the one person who is recognized by their peers as having contributed greatly to CASCWA and has truly made a difference. Each Section also selects one individual for their contributions!  Each recipient receives a framed print of Norman Rockwell's "Golden Rule." 

This year's recipient is Michelle Walsh!

Michelle Walsh is the Vista Unified School District’s Coordinator of Student Support Services.  She directly supports youth who are homeless, teen parents, LGBTQIA+, in foster care, incarcerated, expelled, or in military families.  Michelle's current focus is human trafficking prevention.  She speaks around the state about the risks of human trafficking for all our youth.  She serves on the Education CSEC Subcommittee for the San Diego County Board of Supervisors, the North County Human Trafficking Prevention Collaborative and manages the Project SaFE subgrant.   

She is also the Attendance Supervisor and coordinates attendance letters, data and incentives, the Student Attendance Review Board, and a new intermediate attendance and engagement intervention DART (District Attendance Review Team), which is "Keeping kids on target".  Michelle coordinates mental health services for the district.  She is responsible for EPSDT, the elementary counselors, suicide prevention education,  early intervention and prevention grants, the school social workers, all behavioral health subcontractors,  and the District Crisis Response Team.  

Michelle guides school sites through the annual update of the Comprehensive School Safety Plans, is the district's active shooter trainer, serves on the City of Vista Community Safety Commission, and is the liaison between the district attorney's office, law enforcement and the district.  Michelle both lives and works in Vista. She is the mother of three school-aged children Reagan, Nico,and Rock and enjoys being an active member of the Amigos de Vista Lions Club, whose focus is on youth sports and eyeglasses for children in need.   Michele has served CASCWA as the State Secretary and we are honored that she will be continuing in this position for 2021-22!

Bay Section

Award Recipient 

DiShawn Givens

Delta Sierra Section

Award Recipient 

Melissa Parrett

San Joaquin Section 

Award Recipient 

Maisie Young

Award Recipient 

Maisie Young

Southern Section

Award Recipient 

Jennifer Kottke


Southern Section Fall Workshop October 28, 2020

"Issues in Student Services"

Southern Section hosted a "Virtual Zoom Fall Workshop  on October 28th.  Eight hundred and forty registrations!  The presentations were excellent.  We have put together a pdf file on the workshop that reflects these important presentations.  We thank all who attended!  Click below for pdf file:

Southern Section Issues in Student Services October 28 2000 for Web.pdf

San Joaquin Section's Attendance Certificate and Roundtable Workshop Friday, 11/6/2020 

The first presentation was by Kristi Jackson, Fresno USD, 2020 Model SARB Attendance & SARB Coordinator. The topic was “Developing a Model SARB Program during COVID 19.”

The second presenter was Manuel Escandon, Fresno County Superintendent of Schools. His Topics included: Chronic Absences verses Truancy, Attendance Mandates/Policies, Data Analysis/Sub Groups, Dashboard Indicators: Chronic Absenteeism and Engaging Parents & Collaboration.  Click Below

 San Joaquin November 6th Workshop Follow Up.pdf

CASCWA San Joaquin Section Second Virtual Roundtable

"Supporting Students Returning to School After COVID-19"

Friday December 4, 2020

Presenter:  Jenny Betz - WestEd

Click below to see the follow-up write up from the presentation!

San Joaquin December 4th Workshop Follow Up.pdf

CASCWA's Bay Section 


February 25, 2021 from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM


Topic: How to build and maintain culture during  the pandemic and times of crisis! 

2021 Model SARBs

The CDE Model SARB Recognition Program identifies outstanding results-based school attendance improvement programs that provide comprehensive services to high-risk youth with school attendance or school behavior problems.

CASCWA is proud of our relationship with the California State School Attendance Review Board and honored to host the annual recognition program at our state conference.  David Kopperud and the entire State SARB are making a true positive difference throughout the state.  Jennifer Gomez Trejo and Jason Farrell will soon be adding information and videos to our model SARB webpage!

State Superintendent Tony Thurmond Praises the Highest Level of Funding Ever for Public Education in Governor’s Budget Update


The topic of district compliance on several mandates was discussed at an earlier board meeting. The board members stated that we need to communicate several mandates to make certain that our members and friends are aware of the specifics of several main compliance mandates.  

The following sign and postings per ed code are required (Click on the bill below):

AB 34- James Ramos- Bullying reporting  policies and procedures must be posted on the front page of the local school district website. 

AB 9- Seth's Law- Bullying policies reporting and procedures must be posted in all school offices, faculty lounges, and ASB rooms.

Homeless- Poster- Must be posted at the office- Mckinney Vento Law

Dan Martin of the Los Banos USD provided the following examples of notifications to share with our members and friends:

Homeless Flier Sp Los Banos USD.pdf;  Homeless Flier Sp Los Banos USD.pdf;  LBUSD Community Resources.pdf;  LBUSD Community Resources - Spanish.docxLegal Notice for Pupils and Parent- Bullying.pdf;  Legal Notice for Pupils and Parent- Bullying Sp.pdf;  Sexual harassment example poster for 9-12.pdf;  

48240. (a) The governing board of each school district and each county superintendent of schools shall appoint a supervisor of attendance and any assistant supervisors of attendance as may be necessary to supervise the attendance of pupils in the school district or county.

The truancy mandates are EC Sections 48260.5 (First Notification Mandate) and 48262 (Habitual Truant Mandate). Both mandates are found on the CDE Truancy web page at: tps://

Jeni Mendel's Bookmarks

One of the most visited pages of CASCWA's newsletter, "The Intercom", is Jeni Mendel's Bookmarks.  Jeni is our past state president.  She is one of the most well connected ladies in the State of California.  She serves on several panels and boards.  Jeni is well know in the San Diego area, throughout Southern California and at the state level. 

She meets key individuals daily and she is constantly sending emails to our executive board members listing website links and important documents.  The CASCWA webmasters are adding a page for "Jeni Mendel's Bookmarks."  We hope you will find this page useful.


Joe Brucia's Terrific Leadership Power Pages

Joe Brucia spent his career in education.  He served on CASCWA's Executive Boards for several years.  He is a past San Joaquin Section President and CASCWA State President.  Several years ago, while putting on leadership workshops, he compiled  "Joe Brucia's Terrific Leadership Power Pages."    It was and remains just under 100 pages of proven leadership strategies.  Being continuously updated, these pages are a "what works" in leadership today.  Just click the title for a free downloadable PDF copy.  An abbreviated review, "Top 20 Strategies for Success" is also  available from the "Quick Clicks" menu on the Anthony Brucia Success Awards Foundation web page.  A "MUST READ"  for CASCWA members who want to be the best.  Both, along with  free "Road to Success" and "Being the Best" personal note cards can all be found on the San Joaquin Section's scholarship web page:  Anthony Brucia Success Awards Foundation


CASCWA is proud of the history of our organization that is preserved in the past editions of the Intercom!

Click here to access past editions of the Intercom!


Brian Chandler will go down in “CASCWA History” as one of “CASCWA Greatest State Presidents!”  He will also be remembered as the 2020 CASCWA Lee Lundberg Award Recipient. The most prestigious CASCWA award!

Brian was in charge of Ceres USD Campus Police Program.  He became a member of the San Joaquin Section.  He became our webmaster.  Eventually, he worked his way through the levels and became their section president and then on to the 2018-19 CASCWA State Presidency where he was awesome!

Brian’s love has always been in law enforcement.  In the spring of 2020, he left Ceres USD and became a member of the police department in the City of Ceres.  Brian will continue to be part of CASCWA.  We wish him well in his new career.  Thank you Brian   for all that you have done for CASCWA! 


Virtual State CONFERENCE Coming

April 26th & 27th



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