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The purpose of this page is to connect our CASCWA members and friends to agencies that have been supportive of our organization.  Over the years,two agencies, School Innovation and Achievement and  California Laws Relating to Minors, have been solid in their support for CASCWA.  You can find their specific information below.  

‚ÄčAlso, we are always amazed at the incredible vendors who bring their materials to our state conference.  Their material is amazing and relevant to all of our attendees.  What we find absolutely amazing are the individuals who interact at the tables.  Many of the vendors are the leaders in their company.  Many times they are the owners of the companies or the actual authors of the material being distributed

We hope to use the section below to provide information on the state conference vendors, products and people behind the tables.  This will help each of you to keep up-to-date on what is new in our fields.

Below is information being listed about:

School Innovations & Achievement

Student Support Student Solutions, Inc.

Dora Dome Law


Sherman Garnett and Associates

School Innovations & Achievement

Our main sponsors is School Innovations & Achievement, better known as SI&A!  Please take the time to learn more about SI&A by visiting their website at:

Student Support Services, Inc.

For a description of services, please go to:

The "2021" Publication of "California Laws Relating to Minors is now available!  Click below to go to purchase from Legal Books Publishing:

As we progress with our plans for the 2021 CASCWA State Conference, we will be adding, in the space below, information on our conference sponsors and vendors. 

Dora Dome Law

First, if you have ever been to a CASCWA State conference, then you know that there are several presenters that fill their rooms and deliver powerful, meaningful presentations.  For over a decade, Dora Dome and her sister, Nancy, have shined in their presentations and have established incredible personal interactions at their vendor tables. 

It is sad that our members and friends could not interact and learn from Dora and others this past April.  Dora has a couple of recent publication that we believe are important to the fields of CWA. 

Click Below to go to Dora's links:

Flyer Information

Student Discipline Resource Binder: A Comprehensive Guide for K-12 Schools (Tools For The Trade) Paperback

Improving Student Achievement Through the Creation of Relationships: A Critical Race Theory Counter-Story (Tools for the Trade)

We all look forward to the day when we can see Dora and Nancy Dome once again presenting at a CASCWA conference! 

The Dome Sisters: Nancy and Dora Dome are twin sisters.  They both have chosen professions that positively impact those of us who are in the fields of child welfare and attendance. Their presentations are packed and they are always accessible to all of our members and friends. 

The section above connects tho Dora Dome's web page.  The following section connects to Nancy Dome's web page and her company "Epoch." 


Let’s talk about cultivating a more inclusive culture in your community

We’re a national leader in DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion) training. We will help you create a culture where everyone can reach their full potential. Ask one of our equity consultants to customize the right solution for your situation.

We’re leading the way in educating the multi-cultural leaders of the world tomorrow and now.  If you want to create a culture where people appreciate each other’s differences and give each other the freedom to be their best, then we can provide you with DEI (diversity, equity, inclusion) training options from almost anywhere.

We know the hardest part of shifting your culture can be getting the conversation going and that’s how we can help you today.  We can start with an analysis of your culture.  How does your culture compare to your counterparts’? Are you keeping up to date with your DEI (diversity, equity, inclusion) training?

Some states now require educators to be trained in certain topics within DEI. In addition, these states track district performance data on these issues. Our clients—schools, companies, leaders all over the world—find our structured learning process and our thought partner relationships to be effective, efficient, and enjoyable.

Our Epoch Educators: As the world’s leading DEI trainers we are transforming the way people engage with each other at home, school, and work. Professionally, we are lawyers, teachers, facilitators, coaches and consultants—but personally, we all share the mission and vision of building a more inclusive world one relationship at a time.

Office: 510.463.4908

diversity icon Let’s create a more inclusive world, together

SSherman Garnett & Associates

Welcome to Sherman Garnett & Associates

Sherman Garnett and Associates is a state and nationally recognized trainer

in the fields of pupil services and has served/currently serves on numerous

state and national committees in our CWA fields for decades!

Sherman Garnett's Student Records and Expulsion Handbooks are now available.  Click Below:

Sherman Garnett 2021 STUDENT RECORDS Order Form (1).doc

Shermn Garnett 2021 Expulsion Handbook Order Form.doc

Sherman  is a past CASCWA State President and he continues to serve our organization as one of our main legislative representatives.  Sherman keeps current on laws and his knowledge of school law is incredible.  His workshops and presentations are always packed.  In one's lifetime, we meet individuals whose life work has impacted children throughout the State of California.  Sherman is one such an individual.  He has earned the respect of all in the fields of CWA.

Sherman has two important publications that we want to make you aware of today.  The first document is must for all CWA administrators, both for those new to the field and as a refresher for CWA veterans.

Sherman's introduction states, "The 18th Edition Guidelines on Discipline, Due Process, Suspension and Expulsion has been developed to assist California School District personnel in addressing questions and conflicts that arise over issues related to the foundation, procedures, and special considerations of student discipline. The goal of this handbook is to provide the user with a document that is “user friendly” and one that will provide clear answers to common questions related to student discipline. Additionally, sample forms have been developed for usage by your school district as you continue to establish and maintain sound policies and procedures for student discipline. The user will find this handbook document especially helpful in finding answers to questions relating to establishment, maintenance, security, agency exchange, and destruction of student discipline records. For further information or questions, please contact: Sherman R. Garnett  at"

Several of the most legal requirements in the fields of child welfare and attendance are in the areas of student records.  Records are to be maintained in perpetuity.  District records are maintained as court ready.  If you have ever needed to represent your district in court, you know how important it is to be on solid ground.  Sherman's guidelines are excellent!

For information on Sherman Garnett's Publications and other new and important resources, Please click on the link below:

Sherman Garnett & Associates

1747 N. Coolcrest Avenue

Upland, CA  91784

For further information or question, please contact Sherman Garnett at:

Fax: (909) 946-8066


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