The 2020 CASCWA State Conference will be held on Monday April 20th, Tuesday, April 21st, and Wednesday April  22, 2020, at the Bahia Resort Hotel on Mission Bay Drive in San Diego!  Southern Section's conference committee is working hard to deliver a great conference with outstanding presenters and pertinent topics! 


On September 4th, 2019, CASCWA began the registration process for our 2020 CASCWA State Conference.  We set a cap of 350 registrants due to the size of the conference facilities.  Our conference committee was hoping that we would be able register 350 attendees by April of 2020.  The number of registrations have greatly exceeded our expectations!  On November 12th, we received our 350th registration and a waiting list started.

We know that several registrants will cancel their registrations so that others on the waiting list will be able to attend.  Our conference committee intends on sending out a notice at the end of February to all registrants who have not paid, who have not initiated a purchase order or communicated payment, that their registration will be removed in late March to permit the registration for someone on the waiting list.

Click here to register and be placed on the conference waiting list

Our conference committee is busy working on the program, presentations and events.  We hope that the 2020 CASCWA State Conference will be meaningful to all attendees.  We also hope to share material and power points with our membership and friends.  Below is a link to our call for presenter worksheet.  If you or someone you know would like to contribute as a presenter, please fill out the "Call for Presenter" form listed below:

Click here for the "Call for Presenter" application form

The Bahia Resort Hotel has sold out.  Arrangement have been made with the close by Catamaran Resort Hotel for rooms at the same CASCWA conference rates.  Below you will find the information sheet for the Catamaran Hotel.

Click here for the Information Sheet for the Catamaran Hotel

                   Bahia Resort Hotel                                                                   Catamaran Resort Hotel

Our CASCWA Delta Sierra Section is already busy at work preparing for the 2021CASCWA State Conference!  Our Southern Section is now focusing on the nuts and bolts of delivering this important conference.  Below you will find the conference initial thoughts that serve as the foundation for the 20/20 Vision for Student Services:

Click here for the "Conference strand and other thoughts"

Over the next few months the Southern Section Conference Committee will be putting the final pieces together for the conference.  We anticipate posting as much information as possible on the website in the space below.  We plan on posting the schedule, presenters, speaker material, State SARB information, activities, vendor information. San Diego tourist information and much, much more.  When we update or have important news, we will be sending out mailouts to all registrants.

We would like to personally thank our Southern Section President, Rick Riegel, for his leadership in brining the team together.  Rick knows that we have a long way to go and he is keeping us focused.

 If you have any questions or need to make contact,

please send an email to Ms. Bonnie Boone at: BBoone@ocde,us

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