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April 19, 2017

Session 1:

Youth Voices

Session 2:

An Overview of the California SUMS Scale up Multi-Tiered System of Support Initiative

Session 3a:

API is gone!  Explore the New School Accountability Dashboard with Local Indicators and Self-Reflection Tools

  LCFF Fundamentals


  Frequently Asked Questions

Session 3b: CWA 101: 

Bullying/Cyber Bullying

Session 4a:       

Understanding Micro-Aggressions Through the Lens of Implicit Bias

Session 4b:  CWA 101:  Dora Dome Law

Special Education Discipline




Workshop Materials


April 20, 2017

Session 5

Career Readiness: A Framework for Attendance and Behavioral Intervention: Aspen                  

AB 2246: You Must Have a Pupil Suicide Prevention Policy!: Mountain Room

 The Nuts and Bolts of a Model MTSS Continuation High School: Cedar House

Latest Trends Among the Young:  A Law Enforcement Perspective: Lake Room

Current Gang and Drug Trends in our Schools: Bay Room

How to Systematize Social-Emotional Learning and Leverage Mental Health Partnerships: Alder

Systematizing SEL and Leveraging Partnerships_Final.pdf

Tips for Building Your Network of Resources.pdf

Social Emotional Learning Implications for Enhancing Children's Mental Health.pdf

SELPractices for Adult Learning OUSD.pdf

SEL Theory of Action CDI District Rubric 1 CASEL.pdf

Identifying Resource Partners.pdf

Community Partners.pdf

Post Election Trauma: Big Pine

Session 6

 A Multi-Tiered Approach to School Attendance and Behavioral Intervention: Cedar House        

 Using California Healthy Kids Survey as an Indicator of School Climate: Aspen

Suspensions and Expulsions: a Legal Perspective: Lake Room

Using MTSS to Close the Discipline Gap and Promoting Equality for Latino Students Mountain Room

Foster Youth: From Youth Perspectives to Professional Perspectives: Big Pine

Model SARB Applications:  How to and What Works: Alder

Leadership In Youth Challenge Programs: Bay Room

Session 7

A Proactive Approach to Building the Whole Child:  Why SEL Matters: Lake Room

Student Rights (Discipline, Free Speech, Search and Seizure): Bay Room        

Discover What a Little Disruptive Thinking can do to Student Achievement: Mountain Room

Youth Court as a Tier 3 MTSS Behavioral Support: Alder

Youth Mental Health First Aid Cedar House

Teen Dating Abuse: Aspen

Supporting all Students Using Design for Learning: Big Pine

Session 8

Facing Challenges in Alternative Education Using School-Wide PBIS: Alder

Comprehensive Approach to Reducing Chronic Absenteeism through Home Visits: Lake Room

Online Independent Study and MTSS:  It can be Effective: Cedar House

Addressing Non-Academic Barriers Through Social, Emotional, & Behavioral Supports Mountain Room

  RUSD SAP Brochure


  RUSD SAP Counselor General Referral

  RUSD SARB Counselor RAPID Referral

  RUSD SAP Quick Look

Creating Safe Schools:  Where Bullying and Title IX meet: Bay Room

Raptor Technology:  Effective Student & Visitor Management Systems: Aspen

Using Crisis as a Family Engagement Strategy: Big Pine



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