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Wednesday Sessions

Wednesday’s  “in-depth” session will occur twice, once in the morning then again after lunch
Session 1a (b)

Get Explicit About Implicit Bias

Dr. Nancy Dome:  Epoch Education Inc.

Get Explicit About Implicit Bias

Session 1b (2b)

Independent Study Compliance

Independent Study (CASCWA Fresno 5 2018) (4237385_1).PPTX

Jennifer Rowe Gonzales:  F3 Law Firm 

Session 1c (2c)

Drug Identification Training

Randy Royal:  Royal K9 Detection Services

Session 1d (2d)

Trauma Informed Practices

Fresno Trauma.pptx

Jennifer Johnson:  California State University Stanislaus

Thursday Sessions

 9:00 a.m.  —  10:10 a.m.                 Session 3

Reducing Racial Disproportionality in School

Experiences of Bullying Among African American Male Adolescents

African American Bullying CASCWA Presentation May_10_11_2018.pdf

Sanger Unified Model Comprehensive Truancy Approach

attendance tier 1 to tier2.pptx

Human Trafficking and Title IX Implications for Districts

CASCWA 2018 Human Trafficking handout.pdf

Strengthening SWPBIS with Two Effective Assessment Tools

Universal Design for Learning Within in a MTSS System

Correctly Recording Attendance at the Site and District Level.  Are You Doing the Right Thing?  

Lock it Up:  Helping to Prevent Opioid Abuse from a Community Perspective

Building Interventions for Trauma Exposed Students K-12

Redlands Unified School District:  Academic Case Carrier Program

CASCWA May 8 Case Carrier program.pdf


10:30 a.m. — 11:35 a.m. Session 4

Whiteness & Mindfulness:  Creating Conscious Educators and Allies

Whiteness and Mindfulness_COLE_CASCWA_2018(1).pptx

A successful Saturday Academy: Recover ADA & Provide Equitable Access Focusing on Achievement

Saturday Academy 2018 CASCWA Presentation_FINAL.pdf

Enforcement of Stipulated Expulsions Agreements

Best Practices for Responding to Social Media: Cyberbullying, Shooting Threats, and Political Speech

Best Practices for Responding to Social Media jw.pptx

Youth Court, A Student Led Restorative Discipline Practice

Reducing Distruptive Behaviors and Increasing Cognitive Attention in any Classroom

erin cascwa presentation.pptx

Quality Behaviro Plans in an Hour

An Effective Alert System to Focus on Children Under Stress (FOCUS)

The Interplay Between 504 and Special Ed, Manifestation Determinations as Part of SARB

MDs and SARB (CASCWA 5 10 2018) (4239262_1).PPTX

Open the Door to Student Behavior Interventions

Open the Door to Student Interventions (1) (1).pdf

MTSS-101:  Using a Multi-Tiered System of Support to Improve Student Outcomes


Introduction to MTSS - CASCWA 2018.pdf

1:35 p.m. —  2:40 p.m. Session 5

Equity in School Discipline:  Restorative Justice Practices as an Alternative 

Push-In Services: Increasing Instruction Time and Relational Trust

CASCWA Presentation.pptx

Enforcement of Stipulated and Suspended Expulsion Agreements

Student Rights (Search, Seizure and Student Discipline)

CASCWA - - Student Discipline Workshop - PED.PPT

Restorative Practices on a Shoestring

Restorative Practices-CASCWA 2018.pdf

Reducing Problem Behaviors by Meeting All Student Needs - A UDL Approach

Collaborative Efforts of the Juvenile Court to Combat Human Trafficking

Truancy For Beginners

The Interplay Between 504 and Special Ed, Manifestation Determinations as Part of SARB

A Dynamic Partnership with Success in Lindsay USD

MTSS and Scheduling: Making Sure the Time, People and Places are Aligned to Meet Students Needs Within MTSS

3:25 p.m.  — 4:30 p.m. Session 6

The Letters of Equality (LGBTQ+)

Successful Alternative Education Programs:What It Takes!

Confidential Student Records: Do's and Dont's May and Shall

Student Rights (Free Speech and Student Discipline)

Final - CASCWA Student Speech and Safety-Rights and Limitations - BGM.PPTX

Transcripts Requests in the 21st Century:  Working Smarter Not Harder With ScribOrder

Supporting At Risk Youth - A Multi-Tiered System of Supports

Have you Filed Your School's Flight Plan?

Safe and Connected: Using Trauma Informed Practices to Enhance Student Success

CASCWA_5-10-18_Safe and Connected- Using Trauma Informed Practices to Enhance Student Success.pdf

Gangs: Information We Need To Know



A Comprehensive Approach to Kern High School District's Truancy and Outreach Program


Identification/Reporting of Victims of Sex Trafficking, Sextortion, and Social Media Exploitation


Friday Sessions

8:00 a.m.  —  9:05 a.m.                 Session 7

Experiences of Bullying Among African American Male Adolescents

African American Bullying CASCWA Presentation May_10_11_2018.pdf

Using A Multi-Tiered Approach to Become a Model SARB

Restorative Justice is Not Just a Movement, it is the Now!

Conducting Effective Disciplinary and Compliance Investigations

2018 Investigations Handout DDL.pdf

Do You Know Hot to Comply with Title IX When Disciplining Students for Sexual Misconduct Under California Education Code?

aalrr CASCWA Title IX and student discipline for sexual misconduct (without notes).pdf

Legal Requirements for Your Safe School Plans

Strengthening Collaboration to Identify and Implement Promising Practices: Vision for the I-5/99 Corridor


Win the Learning Game!

Marijuana Use Among Youth: A Countywide Approach to Marijuana Prevention (Path Program)

Foster and Homeless Practical Applications for District Personnel

1-CASCWA 5-11-18 PPT Handout(1).pdf

Unaccompanied Youth Flowchart-NCHE.pdf

Generic AB 216-AB 1806-AB 2306 -Foster-Homeless-Juvenile Court-WORKSHEET and Notification.doc

Doubled up flowchart 10-21-15.pdf

1-FCSS--SAMPLE enrollment packet 11-7-17.docx

From Camp to Community: Creating a Successful Student Transition/Aftercare Plan

Aftercare Presentation - CASCWA2018.pptx


 9:25 a.m.  — 10:30 a.m. Session 8

California Data Dashboard Chronic Absenteeism and Equity

CCEE Data Dashboard Indicators and Equity.pdf

CCEE Brochure Services and Supports.pdf

Establiishing Your Equity Position on the Educational & Racialized Battlefield:  Explicit Advocacy for 21st Century conditions

Student Suspension and Expulsions

CWA Ask The Experts Panel

Positive and Inclusive Discipline: Moving from Consequences to "Teachable Moments"

Moving from Consequences to Teachable Moments.pdf

A Multi-tiered Approach to School Social Work Practice

CenCal Mentoring:  Using Guidance and Personal Connections to  support At-Risk Students

What’s Right About Walla Walla: How Trauma-Sensitive Schools Reduce Suspension and Improve Learning

2018 Trauma Sensitive discipline alternative CASCWA Handout.pdf

Truancy 101

Merging priorities: LCAP Goals – CA Schools Dashboard – ESSA – Multi-Tier System of Support – School Climate – Where to focus for one solution?


 10:30 a.m. —  10:50 a.m. Vendor Visitation (Last chance to get your card stamp for the raffle)


 11:00 a.m. — 12:00 p.m. Session 9

Effective SART Strategies

Drug Awareness for School Personnel

Foster and Homeless Legal Issues

CASCWA - Legal Issues Related to Homeless and Foster Youth 051118(1).PPTX

Student Suspension and Expulsion Nuts and Bolts:  A District Perspective

My Life My Choice Counseling Program for At Risk Teen Girls

Alternative Discipline Structures: A Comprehensive Approach to Changing Behavior

Positive School Climate Leadership Strategies for Site and District Administrators

Trauma Informed Practices for Educators (Extended Session Ends 12:30:  Lunch will Still Be Available)

Positive School Climate Leadership Strategies CASCWA.pptx

Attendance Matters: Fresno Unified School District and Fresno County District Attorney Partnership

All Means All: Sanger Unified’s Multi Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS)


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